Pressuring Your Opponent

Your Actions:

Small steps forward, pressure with your tip (don’t do extra actions i.e. parry, catching the blade)
Note: Every OP’s step back is a victory

OP’s reactions:

1. Stand still (at certain point)
– Keep distance (tip to tip)
– Try to hit the hand (straight)
– Wait for OP to attack

2. OP attacks
– Step back (let them fall short just a little so you can repost)
– Repost straight to the elbow

– Attack in prep (straight to elbow)

Purpose of Tactic:

– Draw attack from OP, and then repost or attack on prep


– Keep hits straight
– Do not raise your arm (as in scared)
– Do not opposition your arm when straight hit (As in Scared being touched!)
– Don’t attack in the foot when you are pressured, and if the one you pressured in hitting your foot, straight hit to the shoulder but don’t chase after their arm/hand.
– Always let your tip stay on TOP